We are all adapting to corona virus restraints at the moment and this has meant making changes. For many of us it has opened up new spaces for creative practice as we change what we do and try new things. We adapt and adaptation involves change. Salman Rushdie suggests there is a ‘…question of essence that lies at the heart of the adaptive act: how to make a second version of a first thing, of a book, a film a poem or of yourself, that is successfully its own, new thing and yet carries with it the essence, the spirit, the soul of the first thing.’ My advice to you all as you approach adapting text to screen, is to look for that essence first.  What it is that caught your imagination and drew you to this particular text?  What does it have to say to you? How might you reimagine this to make a second thing that is not a literal illustration of the first thing. Good luck.

Margot Nash
Honorary Associate Teaching & Research 
School of Communications
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University of Technology Sydney
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