Selected 2020 Microflix Texts

Selected texts for the 2020 Microflix Award. The theme for 2020 is IMAGE. Texts will be added until 6th March 2020.

Jut by Paul Hetherington

Falls of fruit in the garden, and morning’s triangular shadow, catching the house. Yachts like postage stamps on a blue envelope;…
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Lights by Susan McCreery

Another red light. He palms his chin, taps the steering wheel. Sport-plus-shopping traffic. Next to him his wife is silent. What…
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Mona Lisa by Susan McCreery

Where are her eyebrows?             What? said Graham.             Her eyebrows. She’s hairless.             I’ve never noticed.
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The swimmer by Richard Holt

One morning, while running, Ollie Perovic thought he spotted a swimmer momentarily within the featurelessness of the new day’s grey, but…
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Stilled by Alyson Miller

The colours of tea and clotted cream, a death sequence of digitized photographs—Victorian memento mori, families stood fist-tight around the bodies…
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