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Image from the 2021 film adaptation of ‘Earth Enraged by New Humans’ by Jude Webb

We are very excited to announce the 27 films which have made the finals in this year’s Microflix Awards. Thanks to our hard-working jurists, Susan Danta, Will Simon, Lauren Hamilton Neill and Freya Berkhout. All finalist films will be screened and winners in the categories of Best Direction, Best Sound, Best Adaptation and Best Writing will be announced on the award night, Friday Nov 26 hosted by Cassandra Atherton. Join us for this free event which includes interviews with filmmakers and authors and take part in the People’s Choice for Best Film poll. Book your ticket for the Awards Night here.

The finalist films have been adapted from the following 26 texts:

Quicksand by Seetha Dodd, adapted into ‘Breathe’ 

Quicksand by Seetha Dodd, adapted into ‘Dreamscapes’

You Can’t Go Home Again by Luke Evans adapted into ‘The Return’

Waste Not, Want Not by Suzanne Frankham adapted into ‘Cooking With Carol’

Nostalgic Leisure Industry by Brianna Bullen adapted into ‘Kioku’ 

Life’s Riddle by Margaret Parker adapted into ‘Rictus’

The Swimmer by Richard Holt adapted into ‘Esplanade’

Heritage by Brenda Saunders adapted into ‘Bubble Tea Heritage’

Star by Marie Dustmann adapted into ‘See Which Way The Cat Jumps’

An Exercise in Magic Realism by Michelle Cahill adapted into ‘Mother of Stars’

Lull by Helena Pantsis adapted into ‘Lifted’

Dreaming Poets Dreaming by Dael Allison adapted into ‘I Dreamed A Dream’

Superpower Reveal by Erin Gough adapted into ‘Kismet’

Earth Enraged by New Humans by Jen Webb adapted into ‘Terra’

The Lost Hour by Andrew Roff adapted into ‘Vacant Summer Time’ 

Lord of the Servo by Jake Dean adapted into ‘On Shift’

Time Lies by Yvonne Fein adapted into ‘Change’

Tiny House for Sale: Perfect Fit For You and Your Muse by Maddie Godfrey adapted into ‘Remember to Close Unnecessary Door’

Down the Creek by Sky Carrall adapted into ‘It Can’t Be Sunny Every Day’ 

The Anonymous Site by Scarlett Wightley adapted into ‘The Bottom of the Billabong’

Jungle Train by Danielle Baldock adapted into ‘Jungle Train’

In the Scheme of Things by Amanda Berry adapted into ‘In The Scheme Of Things’

Portals by Jane O’Sullivan adapted into ‘Portals’

451 – Life, Burning by Danielle Baldock adapted into ‘We Moved’

Hope is an Inanimate Object by Seetha Dodd adapted into ‘Pebbles In The Daylight’

Your Loved One by Hilary Hewitt adapted into ‘Loved Ones’

Stories in Stone by Kim Nolan adapted into ‘Stories in Stone’

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