Progress Diaries with UTS Animation students No.1

Hello filmmakers and future Microflix submitters! Today’s blog post will be a short interview with one of the UTS Animation student groups who are currently creating a short adaptation for Microflix 2019! The students Tak Stapleton, Indigo Krix, Winston Liu, William Savage are adapting ‘Barrage’ by Jude Bridge, one of the microlit texts I gave some tips for in a blog post a couple weeks ago! A great microlit text, which you can read on the Microflix website under 2019 SOUND Texts!

And on with the interview…

Progress screenshot

What were key elements within the texts you were looking for as a potential text to adapt?

We looked for a text that brought visuals to mind when reading. I think an important part of adaptation is finding a source that you can resonate with, something that gets you engaged right from the first time you read it.

Progress screenshot

How and why did your group decide your text?

Our group were all drawn to the playfulness of ‘Barrage’. We liked that the text looked at some heavy concepts through a comical eye. We had a large number of ideas pretty earlier on with how it could be adapted into animation due to the rhythm and morphing visuals in the text.

Progress screenshot

What have been some positive highlights of the process?

It’s been fantastic getting to work with so many different creatives! I’ve enjoyed getting to learn off my peers and bounce ideas around as we worked on molding the microlit into our own interpretation. We all really engaged with the story from day dot so it wasn’t long before we had visions of where we wanted to take it. Each group member had their own set of skills and I think we all benefited from watching how one another do things and learning from that process.

Final year animation students Tak Stapleton, Indigo Krix, Winston Liu and William Savage hard at work!

That completes the progress interview for the week! Will be back next week with more!

Anastazija (Taj) Luksic is a student at University of Technology Sydney, where in 2017 she completed her Media Arts and Production degree, and is currently finishing off her Creative Intelligence and Innovation bachelors. During her degree she worked on personal documentary projects, with one screened at the Focus On Ability Film Festival 2017. She also volunteered on a number of sets ranging from a commercial for Batyr, to ‘The Horizon’ web series.