Our New Neighbours by Christine Hand

The streets were neatly laced with elegant, well-maintained Queenslanders. This was a sought-after, prestigious suburb, close to Brisbane city centre. It was only after our move that we realised we were one of the very few young families amongst an overabundance of octogenarians. To our right resided a couple in their mid-eighties; they were true blue Aussies, he a former national cricket hero. To our left lived a marginally younger couple. They were first generation immigrants from the heartland of Sicily, fiery tempers still unmellowed. We were witnessing the end of a long-drawn-out soap opera, action to the left and eager observers to the right. I was soon enlisted to pass on what was occurring between Carmelita and Luigi, our boisterously noisy neighbours, to Mary and George, the quietly inquisitive occupants to our right.