Microflix 2021 Wrap-Up

Hello all!

The Microflix Festival and Awards are officially over for this year! We held our festival and awards night on Friday the 26th of November and had an incredible turnout as well as some fantastic participation from our audience. It was wonderful to see people engage with the works screened in the chat and vote on the People’s Choice Awards for their favourite films and texts so enthusiastically. A special shoutout to our host Cassandra Atherton, who kept the good vibes going the entire night (and sneakily promoted some excellent works of microfiction like “Pulped Fiction”, “Shuffle”, “Time” and “Scars”.) And special thanks to Microflix Team members, Emily James and Taylah Darnell for their stirling efforts in helping to deliver a fantastic film festival program. Here’s a recap of this year’s winners and what they received from our wonderful 2021 sponsors, the City of Sydney, Spineless Wonders and Screenwriting Scriptease.


Best Sound: “The Bottom of the Billabong” by 54th Story

Adapted from “The Anonymous Site” by Scarlett Wightley

A young girl’s attempt to swim to the bottom of a billabong turns sinister when she quickly realises she is unable to return to the surface.

The 54th Story production team received a cash prize of $200.

Best Direction: “Jungle Train”

Adapted from “Jungle Train” by Danielle Baldock by a team of UTS students.

A woman’s dull morning commute to the city is transformed when her train carriage begins to change in ways unimaginable and invisible to almost all her fellow passengers.

The filmmakers behind “Jungle Train” received a cash prize of $200 as well as a full script assessment by one of our wonderful sponsors at Screenwriting Scriptease.

Best Adaptation: “Esplanade”

Adapted from “The Swimmer” by Richard Holt by team of UTS students

After seeing what he believes is a swimmer struggling in the water, a man begins to lose his grip on reality as strange images begin to haunt him.

The filmmakers behind “Esplanade” received a cash prize of $500.

Best Writing: “Lord of the Servo” by Jake Dean

Adapted into “On Shift” by the JAHAs, a team of UTS students

Can a servo workers control the fate of his customers? One god-like employee seems to think so.

Jake Dean received a cash prize of $500.

Production Runner’s Prize: “Terra”

Adapted from Earth Enraged by New Humans by Jen Webb

The filmmakers behind “Terra” received a cash prize of $100.

People’s Choice Award (Writing): “Tiny House For Sale: Perfect Fit For You And Your Muse” by Maddie Godfrey

Adapted into “Remember to Close Unnecessary Door”

People’s Choice Award (Film): “Jungle Train”

Adapted from “Jungle Train” by Danielle Baldock


This year, we were very thankful to have several writers and filmmakers involved in this year’s festival speak to us about their creative process and the experience of writing and adapting microfiction. It was fantastic to speak with these creatives and hear their thoughts on microlit, microflix and adaptation and we thank them all for their eager participation.

We will be sharing these interviews on the Microflix website shortly. Stay tuned.  


Although this will be the last Microflix festival for the foreseeable future, this is not the end for new opportunities at Spineless Wonders for writers, actors and filmmakers to showcase their work and collaborate with other artists. To stay updated with upcoming projects and opportunities, make sure you subscribe to the Spineless Wonders newsletter Sluglines and follow us on our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Have a safe and happy holiday and end to the year!

The 2021 Microflix Team