About the Microflix Award & Festival

The Microflix Award & Festival aims to encourage more Australian filmmakers to use work by Australian authors and to foster excellence and creativity in film adaptations. Great Microflix films can’t exist without the great microliterature they are based on. That is why we reward and celebrate both filmmakers and authors through the annual Microflix  awards and festival. Each year, entrants will be invited to create a film based on their choice from a wide range of texts submitted to Microflix and curated by short story publisher, Spineless Wonders.

Microlit Texts & Theme

New texts will be offered each year on a specific theme. These texts are a combination of works previously published in microlit collections and anthologies including winning entries in The joanne burns Microlit Award as well as new work submitted via this website.

Filmmakers may enter films based on writing other than that available via Microflix website subject to the following: 1) proof of your right to use the chosen microlit work from the author; 2) submisssion of the work itself (as a text file), its title and the author’s name.


Microflix Film Awards. Each year awards will be offered to filmmakers in categories such as best adaptation, best direction, best sound and best films made on mobile phones. By offering a range of targeted award categories, the Microflix Film Awards aims to create opportunities for new and emerging filmmakers, those from diverse groups and those without access to hi tech equipment.

Microflix Writing Awards. Each year awards will be offered to authors whose texts are used by finalists in the Microflix Film Awards. The awards aim to reward writing which demonstrate cross-form creativity and inspires adaptation by filmmakers.

2019 Festival

Entries to a range of award categories on the theme of SOUND will open in early 2019.

Awards Night & Screening

The awards night and screenings will take place in Sydney in September each year. Details to be announced.

To find out more about the history of Microflix, click here.

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