Microflix Festival 2018

Microflix Award Night
September 14, 2018

Back in 2018, Spineless Wonders was thrilled to see its microlit brought to the screen in the inaugural Microflix Awards. Hosted by the Surry Hills Festival, the launch event on Friday September 14 celebrated the emerging animators and sound designers behind the innovative adaptations at the heart of Microflix. The event was attended by a number of authors whose work featured in the films as well as friends and family of the filmmakers.

Maximilian Cao, Yvonne Cheung and Karin Zhou-Zheng (pictured left) for their adaptation of Koi by Karen Whitelaw
Koi by Karen Whitelaw

In its first year, the Microflix Awards saw emerging animators and sound designers from the University of Technology Sydney adapt over thirty 200-word Spineless Wonders microlit texts to films of 90 seconds in length.

The awards last year, valued at $200 each, included the categories of UTS Best Direction, won by Maximilian CaoYvonne Cheung and Karin Zhou-Zheng for their adaptation of Koi by Karen Whitelaw; the Spineless Wonders Best Adaptation, won by Ziyi RenJinyi He and Jianqiao Shang for their adaptation of Susan Mcreery’s Anchor; and the Surry Hills Festival Award for Best Sound Design, won by Ilan Aarons, Elizabeth Dominis and Lachlan McKay for their adaptation of Museum by Evelyn Araluen.

The Audience
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The team

Meet long distance dog lovers… commuters with superpowers. Over
30 short animations inspired by micro fiction. A partnership between
Spineless Wonders, UTS Bachelor of Design & Animation and UTS
Bachelor of Music & Sound.

Microflix Awards Night
St Peters Church Old 1880 Hall
235 Devonshire Street
Friday 14 September, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Microflix Next to the Shakey
Steel Lane, 13 – 23 September, 5.30pm – 10pm