I Saw a Man Die by Cameron Semmens

I saw a man die. Road rage. One punch. The old man toppled like a matchstick. His skull hit the road, his legs didn’t move. From where I sat, eating pizza, I didn’t see his head hit the ground, but I heard it. It was a slap … of sorts. You’d think it would be a crunch, or a crack, but it wasn’t. I cried out something in that moment, but I don’t remember what.

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Pilgrim’s Dream by Seabird Brooks

I awoke from a dream about a friend I hadn’t seen in years to the sound of somebody calling my name. I had no idea where I was at first, and then the word ‘Nina’ was said again and I realised I was in a hostel in Peru, in a city whose name I couldn’t pronounce, and that somewhere across from me in the dark was an Italian guy I’d spoken to for less than five minutes in the hallway.

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