Although progress brings us new and exciting ventures, it inevitably involves some form of destruction. But is progress always the right way forward when our history is at stake?

Text by Brenda Saunders

Narrated by Brenda Saunders

Adapted Into: Bubble Tea Heritage

  • Animators – Xiwen Zhang, Haolang Peng, Yaowan Huang, Yuehjung Wang.
  • Music By – Casey Nguyen, Ellen Wang.
  • With Thanks To – George Catsi.

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Working in a grocery store, or just retail in general, seems to make the world slow to a lull. What happens inside might just shake things up or it simply might not.

Text by Helena Pantsis

Narrated by Helena Pantsis

Adapted Into: Lifted

  • Writer, Producer and Director – Lisa Smithies.
  • DOP – Cameron Hennessy.
  • P.A. – Phoebe Hennessy, Maya Hennessy.
  • Cast – Xanthe Gunner, Blanche Clark, Phoebe Hennessy, Kerry Theodorou.

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Superpower Reveal

A group of friends discover their individual superpowers one at a time. Some are better than others.

Text by Erin Gough

Narrated by Erin Gough

Adapted Into: KISMET

  • Animation and Production – Shanna Ching-Hsien Yang, Ho Lam Julian Chang, Karen Ekadjaja, Noura Hijazi.
  • Sound Design – Yushu Hou, Yuan Mei.
  • Colourist – Fabian Yustejo.

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The Lost Hour

A librarian with a fascination of time considers what happens and what doesn’t during the lost hour of daylight savings.

Text by Andrew Roff

Narrated by Andrew Roff

Adapted Into: Vacant Summer Time

  • Animation – Chang Chen, WeiXuan Chen, HeXin Tian, RuoYu Zhang.
  • Sound – Ashley Lo Monaco, Alice-Rose Lucchetti, Lachlan Stevens.
  • Academic Advisor – Anna Spencer.

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Lord of the Servo

Can a servo worker control the fate of his customers? One god-like employee seems to think so.

Text by Jake Dean

Narrated by Jake Dean

Adapted Into: On Shift

  • Director, Editor, Backgrounds, Animation – April Clayton.
  • Producer, Animation, Compositor, Research – Jess Handley.
  • Animation, Concept Development – Amy Chen.
  • Animation, Backgrounds, Research – Han Nguyen.
  • Sound Design – Julio Lecaros, Daniel Dissington, Geoffrey Reid.

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Time Lies

A Time that is brutally Australian brings conflict and complications as fantasists destroy the boundaries between past, present and future.

Text by Yvonne Fein

Narrated by Yvonne Fein

Adapted Into: Change

  • Animators – Kiattisak Sinchairojkul , Jialiang Tan, Tony Yang.
  • Sound Designers – Amber Gallant, Liam Sharan, Dhruv Malhotra.
  • Special Thanks – Simon von Wolkenstein, Deborah Szapiro, Felicity Wilcox.

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Tiny House for Sale: Perfect Fit For You And Your Muse

A house inspection reveals a property filled with strange features and even stranger musings from the real estate agent.

Text by Maddie Godfrey

Narrated by Maddie Godfrey

Adapted Into: Remember to Close Unnecessary Doors

  • Animators – Jack Yuxuan Li, Jennie Qianwen Chen, Iris Zheyi Hua, Tina Zhetong Liu.
  • Sound Designers – Aaron Tandoc, Adrianne Blythe.
  • With Thanks To – Deboarh Szapiro, Felicity Wilcox, George Casti, Maddie Godfrey, Tinjian Chen, Yuxing Wang.

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Down the Creek

Two girls discuss their futures, revealing two very different attitudes to growing up and leaving childhood behind.

Text by Sky Carrall

Narrated by Sky Carrall

Adapted Into: It Can’t Be Sunny Everyday

  • Animators – Amelia Farrell, Kate Darwell, Lily Nicholson, Maia de Graaf.
  • Sound Designers – Bridget Kearney, Brittany Rourke, Jack Roberts.
  • With Thanks To – Deborah Szapiro, Felicity Wilcox.

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