2021 Microflix Film Competition

How It Works

Filmmakers are invited to select one of the texts on this website to adapt into a film of maximum three minutes in length. Please read the competition regulations carefully.

Award Categories

Our panel of jurists will select finalists and winners in the following categories.

# Best Adaptation ($500)

# Best Direction ($200 as well as a full script assessment by Screenwriting Scriptease)

# Best Sound ($200)

# Best Writing ($500)

Awards Screening

All finalist and winning films will be screened at an awards ceremony later in 2021.

Meet the Jurists

For informations on the 2021 Jurist Panel, click here.

Showcase: 2020 Adaptations

The 2020 Microflix Festival was screened and celebrated online on October 30, 2020. Meet the winners of the different categories.