2021 Microflix Awards

The theme for 2021 is NO THEME.

For Authors

2021 Microflix Writing Awards – NOW CLOSED

Spineless Wonders seeks short prose writing of any genre and on any theme for the 2021 Microflix Writing Award. We are looking for writing that will zing off the page and inspire filmmakers to adapt it for the screen. Submissions can be up to 400 words in length. Entry is free and submissions close on 21 February, 2021. All submissions must be made via this link.

How it works

Submissions to the award will be judged by Microflix Curator and international expert on microliterature, Professor Cassandra Atherton. Selected authors will be notified and their submissions will uploaded to the Microflix website where they will be available to filmmakers to adapt into entries in the Microflix Awards.

Our panel of jurists will select the winner of the 2021 Microflix Writing Awards from the pool of finalist films selected for the Microflix Festival. All authors whose work is used as the basis of the finalist films will be paid a modest film royalty.

To read the conditions of entry and to find out about previous Microflix Writing Awards, here.

For Filmmakers

Filmmakers will be able to able to access texts for adaptation via this website once the 2021 Microflix Awards open in May, 2021 .

Read more about submitting films.

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Image Credit: Screenshot from ‘Returning Home‘ adapted from ‘Two Skulls’ by Stephen Kinnane