Microflix Entry Regulations & Submissions

1.   LENGTH:
Films must be no more than 3 minutes long, including credits.

2.   FORMAT:
Films must be submitted in MP4 format.

Submissions must be made via Submission Manager by midnight, August 1, 2021.

4.  TEXTS:
Films must be inspired by original works of Australian Microliterature (up to 400 words in length). If you do not choose a text from those provided on the Microflix website then you must be able to provide, along with your submitted film: a) evidence of your right to use the chosen microlit work and b) the work itself (as a Word file) including the title of the work and the author’s name.

The title of your submitted film should not be the same as the title of the piece of microliterature on which the film is based. Microflix is interested in multiple interpretations of original texts but wants to minimise the prospect of confusion between films, which could impact negatively on filmmakers’ capacity to promote their films outside Microflix.


The title of text your film is based on and the author who wrote it must be clearly acknowledged in your film credits. We suggest the following wording: Based on ‘title’ by ‘author name’. Any film submitted without acknowledgement of the author will not be eligible.

Films submitted to Microflix must not be currently or have previously been distributed or broadcast online (other than on school websites associated with films by current students).

Entry is open to individual or groups of filmmakers who are Australian Citizens residing anywhere, as well as to people residing in Australia during the submission period.

Entrants must be entitled to present the entered film as their own work, or to represent the film in their capacity as the identified creative lead, producer or legal representative of the work being entered.

10.   ENTRY FEE:
Entry to Microflix is free.

There is no limit on the number of times an individual or group can enter.

By entering your film, in the event that your film is accepted for Microflix Awards and Festival, you grant Microflix the right to reproduce part of your film (up to 30 seconds or 30%, whichever is smaller) for the sole purpose of promoting Microflix.

Films which contain content that is likely to be seen as inflammatory, degrading or otherwise unsuitable for public performance will not be accepted.

The decisions of the selection panel are final and will not be subject to negotiation or discussion.

If your film is selected for Microflix you will be advised via email in October 2021.

Enquiries: info@microflixfestival.com.au

Image Credit: Screenshot from ‘Fabulous‘ adapted from ‘Fabulous’ by Rose Young