Drawing The Line (Winner: People’s Choice for Film)

The Line

Tab takes care to notice every line she draws, each shape precise and important. But when Jared leaves one out of his artwork, her self-perception begins to unravel.

Winner: People’s Choice for Film

Text by Anna Forsyth

Audio narrated by Anna Forsyth

Adapted Into: The Line

  • Animated – Isabelle Duffy, Lindsey Sampang, Bronte Smith, Eleanor Wen, Yuge Yang
  • Sound – Yat Fung Lam

Hope is an inanimate object (Joint Winners: Best Sound)


We stare, transfixed, at the world’s beauty behind a screen, constantly clicking ‘comment, ‘like’ and ‘share’. What would it say, about being ignored but for photography clout, always having to get on with the day?

Joint Winner: Best Sound

Text by Seetha Nambia Dodd

Narrated by Seetha Nambia Dodd

Adapted Into: Screentime

  • Animation – Augustine Musso, William Rout, Xinyan Wang, Zi Jin
  • Sound – Emma Higgins
  • Special Thanks – Simon Von Wolkenstein, Deborah Szapiro

Scarred Landscape (Diversity Award)

Landscape by Brenda Saunders

The red dirt of the outback spreads as far as the eye can see, holding secret beauties and teeming with life. Hidden beneath is another world, one not quite so beautiful.

Winner: Diversity Award for the production team

Text by Brenda Saunders

Audio narrated by Maddy Lambert, an emerging Wiradjuri writer

Adapted Into: Landscape

  • Animation – Colden Shiu, Holly Fletcher, Jinyu Lu, Hansel Ajuyah, Geoffrey Murphy
  • Sound Design – Marco Bucci

With the Moths on Ash Island (Winner: Best Adaptation)

Harriet Scott and the months

Harriet Scott’s life work with the moths, silent and slow and precise, has left her with a lot of time to think. In the quiet she learns something about herself she hadn’t realised before.

Winner: Best Adaptation

Text by Kathryn Fry

Audio narrated by Kathryn Fry

Adapted Into: Harriet Scott and the Moths

  • Animation – Alex Banks, Jasmine Tran, Sophia Bal, York Li
  • Sound Design – Rosemary Mcclelland, Mark Sahin

Chatswood Ghost Story (Joint Winners: Best Sound)

Chatswood Ghost Story

Joint Winners: Best Sound

Chatswood’s underground library, with its fluorescent lights and endless aisles, becomes Amy’s sleep-deprived nightmare. What happens when study stress manifests itself in creepy ways?

Text by Marie Dustmann

Audio narrated by Marie Dustmann

Adapted Into: Chatswood Ghost story

  • Filming – Abass Rashidi, Thanavong Panya, Vi An Nguyen, Jiawei Zhou
  • Sound Design – Alexander Hindmarsh, Steven Forster
  • Cast – Aurelia Winzberg

Spare Room (People’s Choice for Writing), Acrylic Eye (Production Runner’s Prize)

Acrylic Eye

A woman in a red dress and a small girl with dark hair smile out at him from the shore. But everything is not as it seems.

Spare Room (People’s Choice for Writing), Acrylic Eye (Production Runner’s Prize)

Text by Angela Smith

Audio narrated by Angela Smith

Adapted Into: Acrylic Eye

  • Produced, Written and Directed – Alex Harrison, Jacinta Taylor
  • Cinematographer – Daniel Meldrum
  • Editor/MUA – Lucy Champion
  • Sound – Chloe McTaggart
  • Production Design – Madeline and Olivia Leonard
  • Cast – Will Bergman, Heidi Armstrong, Ben Clerc, Charlotte Hoffman, Indianna Swain